ProcureNode News 14/5/2021

The last few weeks have been really busy. A bit more than two weeks have passed since the last update on our procurement software development project. In the previous post, I talked about a meeting with an angel investor as well as a potential technology partner.

As a collective result of these meetings, we decided to continue planning and taking our design further ahead before going forward with the minimum viable product (MVP) production. The potential technology partner asked us if we would expect to receive an offer regarding co-operation based on the discussion. We decided to delay that. The same advice came from the investors.

The investor meeting went beyond our expectations. We ended up discussing financing possibility, potentially provided by two angel investors. As we are an early-stage startup without an MVP yet produced, it’s very exceptional to be funded at this stage. Nonetheless, this success does reflect the strength of our idea, our team, and our potential.

The meeting was scheduled for Friday and we used the week to improve the investor deck. I was happy to have both team members in the meeting. We were able to present ourselves as a true team. Initially, the meeting was planned for two hours, but it stretched beyond the plan. During the meeting, our history and background were covered on a detailed level.

Due to the fact, that we don’t even have an MVP, the investors can’t base their decision on financial figures, run rates, or churn. The focus was on the executing team.

The concept and idea were worked on and further refined. The future growth of our company is directly related to the experience and value that we bring our customers. Usability and user interface are at the very core of that. During the meeting, we came up with the concept of “one hand-one finger”. This means that the user must be able to place a purchase order on a mobile phone with one finger while holding the phone in the same hand. Mobile applications are on the roadmap, but further ahead. This concept will work as a guide during the user interface design process. Fascinating!

Ideas were generated also for the web service. One revolutionary idea was universal search. Based on this idea, user interface visualizations have been formed. However, as nearly a week has passed since the Finnish newsletter was sent, the interface has already reformed and evolved significantly.

Since these visuals are “live documents” reshaping all the time, I’m not going to include them in this English version. However, if you’re interested to see our visuals and presentations, feel free to contact me! We’re so excited about what we’re doing, that it’s our pleasure to present the solution and give a briefing of what’s cooking. We’d love to get your opinions and suggestions. Your opinion could make a difference and get you involved in creating “probably the best procurement software in the world” 😊

Over the next two weeks, we will focus on the visuals, designs, and plans. I realize now the number of things I will and need to learn during this journey. Two weeks ago I knew nothing about UI/UX. I had to google what they mean. I downloaded Adobe Xd, learned how to use it by watching youtube tutorials, and made some visuals. I hear Figma is more commonly used to create visuals and prototypes of software interfaces, so I’ll probably switch to using that instead. But that calls for additional YouTubing on the topic and maybe 8-12 hours of time.

 Happy weekends everyone!


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