ProcureNode News 9/4/2021

Our journey towards growth begins!

I’ve been publishing ProcureNode Newsletter in Finnish now for some time for those interested in the solution. I thought it might be interesting for people in my network to follow how our journey proceeds and what we are actually doing.

This is the first public newsletter here on LinkedIn about what’s happening right now with ProcureNode Oy. Setting up the company infra took some time. In fact, a bit more than I anticipated. I try to publish these at about 2 weeks intervals.

I have not yet encountered a real-time newsletter about any startup journey out there. Maybe this is the first one, maybe not. Nonetheless, here’s what is happening behind the scenes.

During the past weeks, we have been negotiating with potential business partners on building the MVP version of the ProcureNode solution. Discussions were fruitful, however, we did not yet conclude. We’ll now take a step back to the drawing board to clarify our MVP specifications.

We also had our first NewCo Accelerator meeting. We stated that our goal is to achieve pilot readiness within about 3 months. A very exciting times ahead!

The mapping of potential customers has progressed and the distribution of our Newsletter has also grown positively. In addition to presenting the concept of ProcureNode software product, we have presented our service product Spend analysis. It’s a fixed-price service package for analyzing procurement spend. It’s targeted at SME sector companies.

Sales and marketing activities continue. Our approach is direct contact with e-mail, which is shown to be efficient and sufficient for the current setup. The software solution has received an excellent response from the market so far. That’s providing energy and confidence to push forward with sales and marketing. That energy is much needed! Thank you all for providing us an opportunity to present our solution via web meeting.

Focusing on sales and shaping it into excellence is crucial for a growth-oriented startup company. Therefore we’ll keep focusing on sales, SW product development, and the service package. Especially in the early stage, building a brand and making a reputation is a whole lot of work, but mandatory to enable successful commercial launch in the future.

Social media is an important part of brand creation, however, the actual corporate brand is created using traditional methods.

In case you’re wondering, our web page with an English description of the solution is found behind this link:

If you’re interested to receive our newsletter in Finnish, send a message to jarno.salomä and I’ll make sure you’re added to the distribution list.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards, Jarno Salomäki


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